Leistritz Hosts Extrusion Seminar

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The company will hold its annual extrusion seminar in June 2017.

Leistritz will host its 12th annual Pharmaceutical Extrusion Seminar on June 7–8, 2017. Classroom sessions will be held at the Holiday Inn Select in Clinton, NJ, and extrusion demonstrations at the Leistritz Process Laboratory in Somerville, NJ. In addition to melt extrusion and granulation processes, a special focus will be on multi-functional medical devices. Leistritz staff and outside industry experts will contribute to the program content. Some of the topics include:

  • Twin screw extrusion theory and design

  • Comparison of co-rotating and counterrotating twin screw extruder technologies

  • Downstream systems for pelletizing, tubes, filaments, films, molding, and unique shape extrusion

  • Die design and computer modeling

  • Single screw extrusion theory and design

  • Upstream equipment designs for feeding, material handling, and containment

  • Staging of unit operations in an extrusion system to facilitate continuous compounding and part fabrication

  • Scale-up of the extrusion process-R&D, pilot scale, and production

  • Cleaning and maintenance of extrusion equipment in a cGMP environment

  • Equipment and process validation practices and documentation

  • Advantages of continuous extrusion as compared to batch processes

  • Mixing techniques for poorly soluble and heat/shear sensitive APIs

  • New emerging extrusion technologies (i.e., supercritical foaming and co-extrusion).

Source: Leistritz