Lonza Expands HPAPI Multipurpose Suite

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Lonza has expanded its HPAPI multipurpose suite for payload-linker manufacturing.

Lonza announced on Sept. 14, 2022 that it has expanded its Highly Potent API (HPAPI) multipurpose suite in Visp, Switzerland. The expansion adds development and manufacturing capacity for ADC payloads.

Lonza develops and produces all components of these therapies, including cytotoxic payloads, antibodies, and the required linkers. According to a company press release, the ADC market is expected to grow strongly, due to the growing demand for novel cancer therapeutics with higher targeting abilities. The expansion increased the capacity of the kilogram-scale HPAPI multipurpose manufacturing suite in anticipation for this growth.

The new HPAPI suite enables handling compounds with occupational exposure levels down to 1 ng/m3, with a variety of containment solutions and a flexible setup. On-site equipment includes reactors sized 1L to 50L with a temperature range of -80°C to 150°C isolation and drying equipment, and lyophilization and chromatography equipment.


“Lonza’s expanded multipurpose suite enables customers to meet the growing demand for targeted cancer treatments by developing and manufacturing ADC payloads with increased speed, capacity, and agility,” said Iwan Bertholjotti, senior director, commercial development and strategic marketing – bioconjugates, Lonza, in the release. “With this new fully integrated offer in Visp, we simplify the supply chain under one roof: from the production of an antibody to the chemical synthesis of complex payload-linkers and bioconjugation.”

Source: Lonza