Lonza Joins IPAC-RS, an International Consortium Advancing the Regulatory Science of Inhalation Products

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Lonza has joined IPAC-RS, providing benefits to Lonza’s inhalation- related businesses due to IPAC-RS’ global voice of the orally inhaled and nasal drug products industry.

Lonza, a global manufacturer for the pharma, biotech, and nutrition industries, announced on March 31, 2022 that it has become a member in the International Pharmaceutical Aerosol Consortium on Regulation and Science (IPAC-RS). The membership will benefit Lonza’s inhalation- related business through collaborating with other industry leaders to advance the research and development of inhalation technologies. Lonza will also be able to actively engage and contribute to discussions on regulations and standards that affect international trends and requirements in the industry.

Due to the global prevalence of respiratory diseases, inhaled drug products are increasing in popularity. Nasal or pulmonary delivery points and the lung’s absorptive capacity are also being explored with goals of decreasing adverse medical events and improving patient convenience.

Lonza’s access to membership in IPAC-RS will benefit Lonza’s inhalation-related businesses in many ways, including participation in collaborative research, leverage in industry benchmarking, collection and analyzation of data, engagement with regulators, and development of best practices.


“Drug delivery via the lung is complex but gaining importance in the market with significant opportunities in unmet clinical needs,” said Jason Bertola, executive director, commercial development, small molecules, Lonza, in a press release. “This results in increasing demand for formulation development, particle engineering and manufacturing of inhalation products, with an emphasis on speed. At Lonza, we understand this challenge and plan to contribute and further our expertise in this area to better serve our customers.”

Source: Lonza