Lonza Launches New Capsule Solution for Intestinal Drug Delivery

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Lonza has launched a new capsule to deliver acid-sensitive APIs to the intestine.

Lonza announced on Nov. 1, 2022 the launch of a new capsule solution for intestinal drug delivery called Capsugel Enprotect. The capsule does not disintegrate during stomach transit and only releases its contents in the intestine. It is a coating-free capsule that may be able to simplify the drug manufacturing process by mitigating the need for additional capsule coating or sealing.

According to a company press release, the recent innovations made my Lonza may be able to address changing patient needs while meeting regulatory requirements for multiple pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications.

“This new capsule technology has the potential to make significant improvements to oral drug delivery. With its proven protection in acidic environments, Capsugel Enprotect provides drug developers with a viable oral solution to deliver novel therapies to the distal small intestine, including live biotherapeutic products, small and large molecules, and oral vaccines,” said Christian Seufert, president, capsule & health ingredients, Lonza, in the release.


Source: Lonza