Looking at the Benefits of Podular Cleanroom Solutions (INTERPHEX 2024)

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At INTERPHEX 2024, Pharmaceutical Technology® chatted with Dennis Powers from G-CON Manufacturing about podular cleanroom options and the benefits they offer for manufacturers.


As biologics continue to experience growth in the biopharma industry, access to appropriate cleanroom facilities that can provide a suitable and sterile environment is increasingly in need. In an interview at INTERPHEX 2024, Pharmaceutical Technology® spoke with Dennis Powers, senior vice-president, Product and Strategy, G-CON Manufacturing to discuss podular cleanroom solutions.

Primarily, G-CON had developed a standard POD cleanroom platform for the cell and gene therapy field, where a smaller footprint can aid in improving efficiencies. “The standard pods are well suited for cell therapy applications, small footprint aseptic, filling applications, [and] process development labs,” Powers said. Over the years, the company has developed a number of prefabricated designs that can be applied to different applications and customized depending on the manufacturers’ needs, he added.

With regards to the market for prefabricated podular/modular cleanroom solutions, Powers noted that there is definitely a rise in the number of companies in the field now. “We’re certainly seeing the industry starting to recognize the value in prefabricated modular construction,” he stated.

Additionally, modularization is not only changing facilities but is also being implemented into processes as well, Powers remarked. “So, as processes become more modular and more configurable [with a] smaller footprint, they fit very well into a prefabricated modular cleanroom infrastructure,” he said.

However, given the fact that the biopharma industry is more conservative than others, adoption of new technologies and approaches can be slower. “So, you have to not only have a great product, but you also have to educate the industry on that product, the value that product brings, and convince them why it's better than what they've been using traditionally,” Powers emphasized.

While at the show, the company launched the floorlessPOD, which is a freestanding structure that can be installed directly to the host facility floor, Powers explained. “[The floorlessPOD] allows us to eliminate the need for ramps platform steps to get up into the cleanroom, [and] it allows for direct integration into sub-slab utilities floor drains,” he said.

INTERPHEX 2024 was held in New York City on April 16–18, 2024.

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