Lubrizol Launches Apisolex Technology

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Lubrizol has launched Apisolex technology to improve solubility and simplify the manufacturing of parenteral drug products.

Lubrizol Life Sciences has launched Apisolex, a novel solubility-enhancing excipient for use in parenteral drug products. The technology has the ability to overcome hurdles in solubility that do not have existing solutions.

According to the press release, 60–90% of potential new APIs that are currently in development and 40% of those in reformulation are poorly water soluble. Solubility impacts bioavailability and efficacy, which is especially relevant in the oncology field, as direct injection of drugs into the bloodstream ensures higher bioavailability and lower patient variability compared to oral delivery.

Apisolex technology is able to improve solubility and support high drug loading. It is meant to streamline manufacturing and minimize API loss and is a non-toxic, non-immunogenic alternative to PEG or surfactants.


“Apisolex is the first solubility-enhancing excipient for parenteral use introduced in more than 20 years,” said Rob Lee, president of the CDMO division of LLS Health, in the press release. “With its toxicity profile and simple processing techniques, Apisolex polymer can both improve existing drugs and enable some important new molecules.”

Source: Lubrizol