LVS-500 Laser Punch Inspection Device

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Utilizing dual laser technology, the advanced LVS 500 provides immediate non-contact inspection of punches, and interfaces with the powerful Tool Management II (TM-II) database application for automatic data storage and analysis.

Looking for a faster way to inspect your tooling?
With the touch of a button, the LVS punch inspection device quickly and accurately collects critical punch inspection measurements using modern dual laser technology, instantly recording results to the integrated Tool Management II (TM-II) database software. Developed specifically for tablet manufacturers, the LVS is the most powerful and comprehensive punch inspection and tool control system available today.

Improve Tablet Consistency
Comprehensive tool inspections result in higher quality tooling, which improve tablet quality. Utilizing the tool matching reports to match upper and lower tool punches will provide for optimum tablet thickness and consistency.

Improve Inventory Tracking and FDA Record Keeping
Track the current status or history of tooling inventory to indicate when it is time to polish, inspect and discard tooling. Quickly access details and reports on tool usage history, machine press used, lot number, date, quantity, comments, and more. All reports are prepared to meet FDA requirements.

Accommodate Multi–tip and Standard "B" and "D" Punches
Flexible tool nests are available for standard "B", "D", and multi-tip type tools. Accommodate multi–tip punch inspections by tracking the critical dimensions of each tip on the punch.


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