Lykan Bioscience and Vineti Partner to Advance Cell Therapies from Clinic to Commercialization

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Lykan Bioscience and Vineti will combine their capabilities to streamline process development and manufacturing to move cell therapies through clinical phases to commercialization.

On Aug 12, 2021, Lykan Bioscience, a US-based contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) focused on cell-based therapies, and Vineti, a US-based enterprise software platform company, announced a partnership that will combine Lykan’s purpose-built, multi-product cell therapy manufacturing facility located outside Boston, Mass., and Vineti’s supply chain and data management system with the aim of optimizing cell therapy manufacturing efficiency.

Legacy systems that currently manage the production of cell therapies are often manual and outdated, which slows the scale and speed with which the therapies are produced, which can impact patient safety during development. Consequently, the cell therapy industry requires a new level of visibility, detail, and access across each product and facility within the supply chain, the companies stated in a press release.

Under the partnership, Lykan and Vineti will ensure chain of identity (COI) and chain of custody (COC) visibility as cell therapies go through each step in the manufacturing supply chain. The aim is to ensure patient safety. Advanced and integrated software systems, such as Vineti’s Personalized Therapy Management (PTM) platform, offers a digital solution for advanced therapy data and supply chains. The PTM will enable Lykan to conduct real-time monitoring of the manufacturing process and product at its facility, including electronic batch records that will support real-time testing and release of product from each of Lykan’s eight clinical and commercial current good manufacturing practice manufacturing suites.

“At Lykan, our mission is to be an innovative manufacturer of cell therapy products. We strive to help our biopharma partners achieve a rapid transition from clinical to commercial manufacturing and maximize patient access to cell therapies. The complex nature of cell therapy process development and manufacturing means our partners need innovative technologies, a reliable platform, and strong manufacturing expertise to deliver safe and effective therapies,” said Patrick Lucy, president and CEO of Lykan, in the press release. “Our strategic partnership with Vineti aims to enable our partners’ success with faster and simpler operations using a more robust and traceable control system.”


“Cell therapies are at a point where they require a truly world-class, purpose-built, multiproduct cell therapy manufacturing facility, with the best digital tools, allowing for true

connectivity across the ecosystem,” said Amy DuRoss, CEO and co-founder, Vineti, in the press release. “We are thrilled to partner with Lykan Bioscience to ensure COI and COC visibility as therapies go through each step in the supply chain, to efficiently deliver these therapies to the patients that need them, faster."

Source: Lykan Bioscience