Making Cell-Imaging Systems More Accessible

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Conventional cell-imaging systems that provide high quality data can be very expensive and complex to use. New systems from Biotek Instruments are designed to overcome these issues.

Cell imaging is an important analytical technique that enables the visualization and evaluation of biologic processes in individual cells. It is imperative that imaging instruments provide high-quality, reliable, and reproducible data. Engineers at BioTek Instruments have developed an imaging system system that provides cellular visualization analysis with reduced complexity and expense comparative to standard automated microscopes.

Peter Banks, PhD and scientific director, and Caleb Foster, development manager, products, with Biotek Instruments spoke with Cynthia Challener, editor of the Pharmaceutical, Sciences and Manufacturing Report, about the issues with current cell-imaging systems and the latest advances in this technology, including the company’s new Cytation 3 system that can perform both conventional quantitative fluorescence measurements and cell imaging.


You can listen to the conversation here .