Mass Spec Lab Announces Official Launch

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Mass Spec Lab, a privately owned analytical company, announced its official launch on Dec. 28, 2015 in Southern California.

On Dec. 28, 2015, Mass Spec Lab, a privately owned, analytical business based in Irvine California, announced its official company launch. According to a press announcement from the company, Mass Spec Lab was conceived to address analytical and regulatory challenges in biomedical device, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, natural extracts, flavors and fragrances, cosmeceuticals, and fine chemicals industries by applying mass spectrometry and courier-transform infrared (FTIR) technologies.

The company was co-founded by husband and wife, Marie Dvorak Christ, PhD and F. Richard Christ, MSChE. The couple has more than 30 years experience with ISO 11979 and ISO 10993 biocompatibility studies and product development projects in the ophthalmic devices industry.

Mass Spec Lab is the only private-industry mass spectrometry lab in southern California that offers high-resolution, accurate mass quadrupole time-of-flight and high-sensitivity triple-quad mass spectrometry services. The multiple mass spectrometry technologies provide quantitative and chemical structural analysis to aid in the detection of leachables and extractables for biomedical devices, analysis of precursors, by-products, contaminants, and degradants in pharmaceuticals and biotech, and contaminants (e.g., pesticides) and degradants for extracts, cosmeceuticals, and personal care products.


Mass Spec Lab analysis procedures can identify unknown chemical species that are difficult to detect and characterize using conventional high performance liquid chromatography  or gass chromatography-mass spectometry techniques. Often, detection limits down to part-per-billion levels can be achieved. 

Source: Mass Spec Lab