Media Bottle with Multiport Closure System Presented at INTERPHEX 2019

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The Kimble GLS 80 Media Bottle and Multiport Cap System from DWK Life Sciences, showcased at INTERPHEX 2019 in New York City, is capable of performing a multitude of laboratory applications.

DWK Life Sciences, a manufacturer and supplier of precision labware, showcased its new Kimble GLS 80 Media Bottle and Multiport Cap System at INTERPHEX on April 2–4, 2019 at the Javits Center in New York City.

The bottle and cap system are suited to help scientists accommodate a range of sample sizes from 250 mL to 20 L, and can be used for biological and chemical reactions, plant cell culture, photobiological studies, and sample collection and storage. The wide neck simplifies transfer of samples in various form, including powders, pastes, granules, and liquids. Spoons, spatulas, tweezers, and large funnels are easily manipulated through the opening, according to the company.

The four-port multiport cap system provides a choice of five port inserts designed to fit different size tubing. Constructed of polypropylene and polytetrafluorethylene, the cap components are autoclavable. When combined with the multiport cap, the bottle can be used in applications in the energy, materials science, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology research fields. Resistant to acids, corrosive chemicals and thermal shock, the bottles withstand temperatures as high as 500 ˚C.

Manufactured from 33-expansion low-extractable borosilicate glass in conformance with the USP Type I standard for neutral glass, the bottle is available in clear glass or with an amber-coated exterior for light-sensitive materials, or with KimCote safety coating for protection in the event of damage. Bottles are fitted with a matching pouring ring for drip-free pouring. Easy-to-read volume graduations and a white marking patch allow for clear identification of bottle contents.

Source: DWK Life Sciences