Meggle Introduces New High-Functionality Excipient

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CombiLac is a lactose-based, co-processed excipient, designed to ease oral solid dosage form development and manufacture in direct compression.

Excipient supplier, Meggle has launched a new high-functionality excipient, CombiLac, which consists of the spray-dried, ternary admixture of alpha-lactose monohydrate, microcrystalline cellulose, and starch, all conforming with Ph. Eur., USP-NF, and JP compendial requirements.

The excipient is designed for direct compression applications but can also be used in other formulation development approaches, such as dry granulation. The good powder flow characteristics enhance solid dosage form weight uniformity and throughput in tablet production.

CombiLac compliments the differentiated functionality of Meggle’s co-processed excipients portfolio. According to the company, a well-defined manufacturing process is used to create these porous, spherical particles with a highly integrated structure that is inseparable by physical means.


Because of the improved compaction properties compared with an equivalent blend of the individual ingredients, CombiLac enables the production of robust tablets with minimal friability. Rapid, hardness-independent tablet disintegration offering effective API release can be achieved. In production, release testing is reduced due to its ternary composition.

Source: Meggle