MELAPHONE VISAUDIO - When you need to talk

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The Melaphone is designed to be used indoors or outdoors for good tw0-way communication. It is secure, hygienic, simple, easy to fit, no wires and tried and tested over 30 years.

MELAPHONE VISAUDIO    -   When you need to talk

Melaphones are use in many diverse security and dust sensitive situations throughout the world, form simple kiosks in amusement parks to highly protected areas in pharmaceutical laboratories and clean room areas where germ free and dist free conditions are essential. We are able to assist customers with advice as to how Melaphones may be adapted t suit their individual requirements.


The sheer simplicity in fitting Melaphones is, in itself, an important feature especially as there are no electrical connections or external speakers.
The metal rings are produced as gravity die casting to BS/LM6 and are polished and coated with a methacrylate lacquer. The central guards are supplied in unbreakable 3mmthick polycarbonate with a polyester membrane, Fire rated Class 1. To clean these products warm soapy water is recommended which will have no adverse effect. Many of these units can be still be seen in good order after 20 years.
Melaphone is supplied in 2 sizes – small circular, 244mm O.D. and large circular, 318mm O.D.

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