MFG Tray Recognizes Distributor

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MFG Tray names ChemTech International as its first Master Pharmaceutical Distributor.

Molded Fiber Glass Tray (MFG Tray) has selected ChemTech International as its master pharmaceutical distributor because of ChemTech’s market growth success and the longtime relationship with MFG Tray, according to a MFG Tray press release. The designation, the first offered by MFG Tray, means the ChemTech team is a trusted and valued partner and broadens ChemTech’s opportunities and responsibilities with MFG Tray.

The pharmaceutical line of products manufactured by MFG Tray are used worldwide in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, biotech, vaccine, lyophilization, and veterinary science markets. Since 1992, ChemTech has exported and distributed MFG Tray’s pharmaceutical products to destinations including the European Union, South Africa, Southeast Asia, India, South America, and Australia.


Source: Molded Fiber Glass Tray