New biopharm portal brings clarity to equipment GMPs

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Pharmaceutical Technology Europe

A site designed to take the mystery out of biopharm equipment selection, GMP concepts and good engineering practice.

The GMPs and good engineering practice
Alfa Laval has launched a new biopharm portal at Designed to take the mystery out of biopharm equipment selection, the site explains underlying GMP concepts and shows how these are applied in Alfa Laval’s own product design. An introductory film can be viewed at YouTube or Alfa Laval’s biopharm portal.

Alfa Laval, the supplier behind world-renowned separation systems and the well-known Tri-Cloverš and Toftejorg brands, is sharing equipment insights with the biopharm industry, which can help in avoiding the pitfalls of equipment selection.

“Becoming familiar with the ideas behind the GMPs is one of the best ways for a biopharm company to save both time and money,” says Per-Åke Ohlsson, head of Alfa Laval’s Market Unit Pharma Equipment. “Although the GMPs are not specific answers to specific problems, they do contain general principles that lead to optimal solutions if understood and applied correctly.”

From theory to practice
The website focus on the key areas of performance, documentation and hygiene, explaining how even small differences in the design or manufacture of equipment can have far-reaching consequences for validation and subsequent biopharm production.

Take 3 minutes to view an introductory film:


or on YouTube.

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