New Capsule Filler Introduced to North American Market

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Fette Compacting America has introduced the FEC20 Capsule Filling Machine, capable of producing up to 200,000 capsules per hour, to the North American market.

Originally introduced in Europe in 2018, the FEC20 is derived from Fette’s FEC40, which has a maximum output of 400,000/hour. The FEC40 features Fette’s patented dual capsule-filling process, but the FEC20 decouples this mechanism to offer a single capsule-filling and discharge station for medium-sized output. Due to the similar technology of the FEC20 and FEC40, the two machines are able to function in concert with one another and even use the same format parts. 

“Prior to the FEC series, the assemblies in capsule filling machines were controlled by mechanical coupling. By using servo and torque motors, we can decouple individual steps in the process,” said Jan-Eric Kruse, managing director of Fette Compacting, in a press release. “We define the optimal parameters for each step, thereby improving both quality and output per time unit.”

The FEC20 features a patented tamping pin station assembly system, enhancing changeover of dosing methods, products, and batches. Pre-fitted tamping pin stations allow for accessible production without extended time required for preparation. Up to three pellet stations can be installed in the machine. 


The system also continuously measures the filling levels of all capsule and product containers during production and offers relevant analytics. Extensive rights management enables certain functions to be assigned to various users, and a comprehensive event log allows for evaluation of each step along the production process.

Source: Fette Compacting