New industrial rotary evaporator from Büchi Labortechnik AG

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New industrial rotary evaporator from Büchi Labortechnik AG.

After 10 successful years on the market, the 20 liter Rotavapor® R-220 from Buchi is ready for an upgrade. Changed requirements from the market led to the development of the new Rotavapor® R-220 SE (Second Edition), providing the latest technology.

The design of the Rotavapor® R-220 SE focuses on safety and easy handling, as the proven Buchi philosophy is still true: Easy handling is a key factor for safe operation. The patented flask fixation and the EasyClamp enable a fast and safe installation of the glass parts and the clearly arranged design of the control panels reduces the risk of operating errors.An optional shield protects the instrument in rough environments.

A variety of new tools and features make the Rotavapor® ready for the future:

  • A USB module enables to record the process data to a memory stick.
  • A level sensor allows to supervise the receiving flask, so that the instrument is stopped as soon as the flask is full.
  • USB and RS485 interfaces provide for the control of system components like vacuum pump or recirculating chiller.

The large and bright 6” display provides all information about the distillation process. The large high-contrast digits indicating the bath-, vapor- and cooling temperature as well as the rotation speed are clearly visible, also from a distance.

An integrated vacuum controller guarantees reproducible and stable conditions and the wide choice of 7 different glass configurations enable to adapt the instrument for almost any application.