New Program Aims to Improve Patient Medication Adherence

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Progressive Care’s DischargeRX program works with hospitals and patients to help improve patient medication adherence and minimize medication-related hospital readmissions.

On July 10, 2018, Progressive Care, a personalized healthcare services and technology company, announced its new proprietary patient engagement program, DischargeRX.

The program will provide hospitals with support in preventing medication-related hospital readmissions through Progressive Care’s wholly owned subsidiaries, including PharmCo, a health-services organization that offers administration and practice management as well as prescription pharmaceuticals to long-term care facilities. According to a 2017 study published in theJournal of the American Pharmacists Association, up to 26% of hospital readmissions are medication-related.

The program will provide hospitals access to a PharmCo representative who will offer a medication-related consultation and services throughout the patient’s transitional process at no cost to the hospital or patient, according to Progressive Care.

After the consultation, recommendations may be made to optimize prescription therapy through medication synchronization and effective packaging options. The patient will be given a full overview of their prescriptions, uses, and best methods for staying on track with doses.


Once a patient has received a prescription from their physician, PharmCo will obtain their prescription(s) directly from the hospital and fill them. After the prescription is filled, the patient will receive a home delivery of all prescribed medications on the same day as discharge. PharmCo customer-service staff will then monitor the patient’s progress and keep them updated on their follow-ups with primary care and specialist physicians. Staff will also be available to provide mitigation recommendations for medication-related adverse reactions to prevent short-term medication-related readmissions, as well as post-discharge medication reconciliation.

“Our new DischargeRX program hopes to provide even more patients with Progressive Care’s adherence packaging, proactive engagement model, and pharmacological expertise,” said S. Parikh Mars, CEO of Progressive Care, in a company press release. “The program’s offering also stands to benefit hospitals, helping them to gain more control over readmission risk and improve transitional care outcomes, while also providing significant savings toward preventable adherence-related healthcare spending.”

Source: Progressive Care