New weldable pump tube

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PureWeld XL from Watson-Marlow, a new weldable and ADCF (animal-derived contents free) tube for use in bio-pharmaceutical processes, provides users with secure joins that allow for a connector-free fluid path. PureWeld demonstrates very low internal spallation and gives long tube life in peristaltic pump applications.

New PureWeld XL is a thermoplastic elastomer tubing designed to deliver purity and performance in single-use bioprocessing applications. PureWeld XL can be securely welded, allowing complete, connector-free fluid paths to be assembled in minutes.

  • Sterile,weldable and heat sealable
  • Animal derived content free
  • Provides very stable flow rates with the lowest spallation
  • FDA CFR 177.1810, USP Class VI and European Pharmacopoeia certification

A high-quality peristaltic pump tubing, PureWeld XL gives users improved pumping performance over many alternative weldable tube products. PureWeld XL is manufactured in a Class J10,000 cleanroom by Watson-Marlow, the world’s leading peristaltic pump manufacturer. Validation and extractables profiles are available.