Nona Biosciences Partners with Boostimmune on ADC Development

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Nona Biosciences and Boostimmune will collaborate to develop ADCs against novel targets using Nona’s proprietary platform technology.

On Feb. 26, 2024, Nona Biosciences, a wholly owned subsidiary of HBM Holdings Limited, announced that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with Boostimmune, a biotech company specializing in next-generation anti-cancer therapies via modulating immune systems, to develop antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) against novel targets using Nona’s proprietary Harbour Mice H2L2 (two light and two heavy chain) platform.

The platform technology generates fully human monoclonal antibodies in the classical two light and two heavy chain (H2L2) format, and heavy chain only (HCAb) format. Nona focuses on integrating its Harbour Mice platform with a single B cell cloning platform to innovate the development of next-generation drugs.

“By leveraging our accumulated knowledge of ADC discovery and utilizing our advanced therapeutic antibody platforms validated by partners worldwide, this collaboration will expedite the development of first-in-class ADCs targeting cancer. Working alongside Boostimmune, we anticipate delivering transformative treatments, ultimately improving outcomes for all patients affected by cancer,” said Jingsong Wang, chairman of Nona Biosciences, in a company press release.


“We are excited to collaborate with Nona Biosciences. Our strategic alignment of resources and knowledge will accelerate the development of ADC therapies against novel targets. Through this collaboration, we are confident in making significant strides in addressing the unmet needs of cancer patients,” said Gwanghee Lee, founder and CEO of Boostimmune, in the release.

Source: Nona Biosciences