Online Equipment Purchasing Channel

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The Own It Now channel allows buyers to view scheduled price decreases for used equipment and make purchases online.

EquipNet, a surplus asset management company, has launched the Own It Now online channel that allows prospective buyers to purchase items with the click of a button. The channel features hundreds of assets valued at $4 million, which will be available through the coming months, the company reports. Inventory includes lab and analytical instrumentation, and processing and packaging equipment.

According to a company press statement, the listings feature starting prices and decreasing time intervals, which are tied to price drops. Unlike auction sites, users do not compete to outbid other buyers. Instead, they compete against the clock and other prospective buyers. Users can buy items at the current price or wait for the amount to drop at the risk of losing the item to a competitor. Users also can set proxy amount on a listing; the system will secure the purchase on the buyer’s behalf once the pricing reaches the entered proxy amount.


Source: EquipNet