Ophthalmic Drug-Delivery Device Improves Patient Experience

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Aero Pump’s preservative-free Multidose Eye Dropper System with SideActuationDevice received the CPhI Pharma Award for Excellence in Pharma: Packaging.

Aero Pump GmbH’s preservative-free Multidose Eye Dropper System with SideActuationDevice received the 2017 CPhI Pharma Award for Excellence in Pharma: Packaging. The device, available globally, simplifies the administration of ophthalmic drugs using a customer-friendly, easily squeezable design that meters an exact drop size. Pharmaceutical Technology spoke with Rouven Kraus, International Sales with Aero Pump, about this innovation and trends in ophthalmic drug delivery.  

PharmTech: What do you see as key trends in ophthalmic drug delivery?

Kraus (Aero Pump): The improvement of patient compliance, as well as convenience, is a major trend in ophthalmic drug delivery. The industry is challenged to design more accurate and precise delivery devices that are easy for patients to use. Visual impairment is an issue that mostly older people are suffering from, and this age group is affected by low dexterity. Hence, the packaging of ophthalmic drugs must be designed in a customer-friendly way with lower actuation strength and less risk for self-injury. The SideActuationDevice combines the advantages of a metered dosing system, which dispenses a metered drop size independent of the filling volume of the container, with the conventional squeeze mechanism, which is easy to use.

Also, the packaging for ophthalmic medications should be designed to avoid the need of a preserving agent in the formula. The European Pharmacopoeia generally recommends omitting preservatives in eye drops to avoid negative side-effects, such as  irritation of the ocular surface. In Europe, one can find multiple brands of preservative-free eye drops in multidose as well as single-dose (made with blow-fill-seal) systems. In the US, a movement from preserved to preservative-free formulations is predicted for the near future.


PharmTech: Can you explain how the Multidose Eye Dropper System allows the use of preservative-free eyedrops by maintaining the microbiological safety of the system?

Kraus (Aero Pump): The principle of the 3K-technology (3K stands for the three germ barriers of the system, which in German is ‘3 Keimbarrieren’) is based on special germ-reducing components in the pump configuration. A highly porous filter matrix filters the inflow of ambient air that is required to equalize the negative pressure inside the container. Additionally, a microbiological tight valve provides effective protection of the container contents and prevents the backflow of product into the container. Finally, the outlet opening is constructed with a protective surface as an additional safeguard, resulting in a prevention of microbial growth. These three barriers ensure the microbiological safety of the container closure system.