Pall and G-CON Collaborate on Scalable Turnkey Solutions for Bioprocessing

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A collaboration using Pall’s bioprocessing technology in G-CON’s PODs enables flexible continuous bioprocessing and viral vector facility solutions.

G-CON Manufacturing and Pall Corporation are collaborating to bring turnkey continuous bioprocess and viral vector production facility solutions to the industry, the companies announced in a Sept. 26, 2018 press release. G-CON’s prefabricated, prequalified cleanroom PODs will be customized with Pall Biotechbioprocess equipment, including automation and utility supplies; these will be predesigned into the G-CON cleanroom units for scalable deployment.

“Together, Pall’s cutting-edge technology and G-CON’s flexible cleanroom platform take the concept of modularity one step further, delivering a complete, reproducible, scalable facility solution that is easy to place or relocate, as well as clean, sanitize, and even repurpose,” said Mario Philips, vice-president and general manager at Pall Biotech, in the press release. “This solution addresses customer demand for higher efficiencies, while enjoying more flexibility through scale-out and localization of manufacturing.”

PODs from G-CON are mobile and include integrated process piping and heating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The PODs’ flexibility allows them to support multiple products, and they can be easily repurposed. In addition, the cost of “building” a facility is drastically reduced, as is build time, which increases the return on investment.

“G-CON’s prefabricated cleanroom units feature a complete, yet compressed footprint for Pall’s continuous bioprocessing and viral vector production designs. The implementation of the Pall processes into our POD infrastructure creates an ideal turnkey solution for our customers. These solutions will be readily deployable and scalable, as they reduce the typical design, verification, and qualification efforts by standardizing processes and cleanroom environments,” said Maik Jornitz, president and CEO of G-CON Manufacturing, in the press release. “We are looking forward to combining our PODs with Pall’s process knowledge and designs to serve our joint customer base. The industry requires optimized, fast, scalable solutions, and these requirements will be met through this collaboration.”


Engineering teams from G-CON and Pall will align to design and deliver the mobile, prefabricated cleanroom units to meet individual customer needs. Process solutions will also be addressed in response to customer needs and applications. Both companies will continue to offer their products and services independently, in addition to the collaboration.

Sources: Pall, G-CON