Perfinity iDP System

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Shimadzu introduces the Perfinity iDP (integrated Digestion Platform) system.

Perfinity iDP System

Shimadzu introduces the Perfinity iDP* (integrated Digestion Platform) system. This online enzyme digestion HPLC system fully automates all processes from the enzymatic digestion of protein samples to the HPLC analysis of digested peptides.

The Perfinity iDP uses a high-efficiency immobilized trypsin column for the online enzymatic digestion of proteins, it permits the online enzymatic digestion of proteins in less than one minute. The system iDP improves the analysis throughput by performing parallel processing of the stages from trypsin digestion to concentration in the desalting column and the stages from elution out of the desalting column to HPLC analysis.


The easy-to-use software supports method creation and selection for the series of processes from trypsin digestion to desalting and HPLC analysis.

An LC/MS can be added as a detector to automate the entire process up to analysis. Compared to conventional manual operations, the iDP offers more uniform control across the board and improves accuracy.

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* Perfinity iDP is a registered trademark of Perfinity Biosciences, Inc.