Personalized Pharma Packaging

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A keynote session at CPhI will discuss how the trend to personalized medicine affects pharmaceutical packaging.

At CPhI Worldwide, Christopher Waterhouse, managing director of iDi Pac, will present a keynote session “A Personal Approach to Pharma Packaging: Shifting from Large Volumes to Personalized Solutions.” The presentation will discuss how the trend to personalized medicine and smaller batch sizes affects packaging. 

The need to produce small batches results in a need for packaging solutions to facilitate the delivery of digital capability (i.e., artwork, print), but this increases cost of goods, especially in the small-volume areas (e.g., gene therapies, oncology), notes Waterhouse. 

In addition, the need for multi-lingual information delivery and aging populations is driving a need to deliver more complex information more accessibly. “Information can be delivered through a variety of media, most effectively either by digitally generated hard-copy ‘booklets’ (for the patient's unique treatment regime) or via smart barcode technology connecting via digital bridges to client servers and information resources,” says Waterhouse.


This session will be presented in the Innopack/P-MEC Theatre (4F121) on Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2018, at 11:10 am.