Pharmapack Innovation Index Reveals Continuing Innovation in Drug Delivery Across Europe

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Pharmapack Europe event organizers have revealed increased levels of innovation in drug delivery across the industry, substantiated by the level of regulatory approvals.

Prior to the 2021 Pharmapack Europe event, which is scheduled to be held in Paris, France, Oct. 13–14, 2021, the event organizers have revealed that there have been increased levels of innovation in drug delivery across the industry, which is apparent with the number of regulatory approvals being achieved.

As reported in a June 25, 2021 press release, since the previous event, held in February 2020, European drug delivery innovation has risen across all the major European markets—Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Spain—as revealed by the Pharmapack Innovation Index, which is a reputation score carried out in the industry. The event organizers have announced that the 2021 Pharmapack Innovation Index will be published prior to the event in October, along with a detailed report covering the current and future trends in drug delivery and packaging.

“It has been more than a year since the last Pharmapack event was held, and we have seen tremendous innovation in the market during that time,” said Sherma Ellis Daal, brand manager at Pharmapack Europe, in the press release. “It’s one of reasons we are so excited to return as we can bring together the pharma packaging community and help foster partnerships so they can accelerate these innovations to patients. In particular we are looking forward to the return of the Pharmapack awards and the latest innovations exploring eco-friendly and patient-centric solutions released to market.”


Source: Pharmapack