Pharmatech Associates Launches International Contracting and Services Company

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Pharmatech Associates International Contracting and Services is a new company headquartered in Doha, Qatar, that will provide product development, facility design, and construction for high quality pharmaceutical and biotech products at low cost.

Pharmatech Associates launched Pharmatech Associates International Contracting and Services (PAICS), a new company with headquarters in Doha, Qatar, the company announced in a Nov. 4, 2018 press release. PAICS provides a global, single-source platform for clients and investors from which next-generation pharmaceutical facilities can be designed, constructed, and operated anywhere in the world. 

“PAICS imagines a world where pharmaceutical innovators know no bounds. Neither the high costs of construction nor lack of local manufacturing expertise should prohibit opportunities for growth and expansion,” said Bikash Chatterjee, president and chief science officer, Pharmatech Associates, in the press release. “We are extending the Pharmatech brand-associated with the highest quality standards-to create new, local facilities that integrate product and process development, compliance, regulatory affairs, and validation from drug design to commercialization.”

PAICS, with its strategic alliance with FAL Group of Doha, Qatar, will provide drug and product development solutions, integrating facility design and construction; manufacturing equipment selection; quality management system (QMS) integration; management staffing and training; facilities commissioning and qualification; facilities, drug, and product regulatory registration; and commercial operations management.


“From our decades of industry experience serving clients, we created PAICS as a single-source solution to producing capital-efficient life science facilities for product development, manufacturing, and quality control assurance with fully integrated, optimized QMS,” said Warren G. Baker, CEO and chairman of Pharmatech Associates, in the press release. “PAICS heralds an era of local design and management of new facilities purpose-built to comply with all regulatory requirements to meet the highest standards of the FDA, EMA [European Medicines Agency], and WHO [World Health Organization].”

Source: Pharmatech Associates