Platform Offers Online API Trading

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Kemiex trading network is designed to increase safety in the sourcing of APIs and additives.

Kemiex, an online platform developed in 2017 to improve the way APIs, additives, and excipients are traded for human and animal health and nutrition industries, is open for registration; trading will be launched later in 2018.

The platform connects users to a global network of qualified counterparties, enabling them to minimize transaction lead times, achieve more competitive prices, and to stay in control of the trading activity, the platform developers report.

The platform is accessible 24/7 and covers the trade functions including quoting a product request, private negotiations, trade execution, document management, and reporting and pricing intelligence.

The platform, designed to help companies identify reliable and compliant counterparties around the world, is made for traders, buyers, and sellers that meet predefined quality assurance and financial due diligence criteria. Typical buyers are traders, manufacturers of finished products, and premixtures. Sellers are traders, distributors, and selected European ingredient manufacturers, the developers report.


The development team is supported by advisors from pharma, insurance, IT, and financial services.

Source: Kemiex