Polymer Thin Films for Drug Delivery Process and PAT Development

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Keynote SeriesPharmaceutical Technology is sponsoring a sponsoring a Keynote Series session on innovations in solid dosage development and manufacturing on the INTERPHEX 2016 Exhibit Hall Innovation Stage. Admission is free to any attendee with an exhibit hall pass.

Tuesday, April 26
Innovations in Solid Dosage Development and Manufacturing
Oral solid-dosage forms are the leading drug delivery method, but new development and manufacturing technologies are offering new options for patients. Experts will discuss advances in new solid dosage forms.

1:40–2:10 pm
Polymer Thin Films for Drug Delivery: Process and PAT Development
Polymer thin film is a platform technology for continuous manufacturing, in which in-line monitoring of product quality can be accomplished using various sensing and process analytical technologies, making the technology amenable for real-time release. The robustness of this technology has been demonstrated using multiple BCS Class II drugs, in which particle engineering and design of the film matrix are combined to impart the desired functionality to the final product. This presentation will share results related to the impact of materials and processes on critical quality attributes for film-based drug dosages.

Speaker: Rajesh N. Davé, Distinguished Professor in the Department of Chemical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Engineering, at New Jersey Institute of Technology

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