Portable Spectrometer Tests Elemental Composition At-Line

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The Spectroscout portable X-ray fluorescence analyzer provides at-line elemental analysis.


Spectro Analytical Instruments portable and compact SpectroScout X-ray fluorescence spectrometer brings laboratory-quality elemental composition monitoring and quality control testing to at-line analysis. At-line analysis enhances quality-control productivity by eliminating time spent transporting samples from the plant floor to the laboratory to wait for testing.  The SpectroScout can deliver audit-traceable results directly from the manufacturing floor. The instrument is an affordable alternative as an at-line installation to larger and more costly laboratory instruments, and it can be operated with minimal introductory training.

Features include accuracy and sensitivity at a wide range of detection levels, providing precise at-line analysis from high-percentage concentrations to trace elements; ease of operation that includes an intuitive interface, simplified software that interacts via a standard computer, and predefined applications packages; and iCAL calibration, which uses a single integrated sample and reduces recalibration work.

Source: Spectro Analytical Instruments