Post-Interphex Showcase: Laboratory Equipment & Supplies

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Ahura Scientific's TruScan is a rugged, handheld Raman system for rapid identification and verification of raw materials, right on the loading dock. Weighing less than four pounds, TruScan's point-and-shoot operation enables identification even through sealed packaging-vastly reducing the time and cost of lab-based analysis, while eliminating quarantine areas and minimizing contamination risk. TruScan is quickly deployed into production and easily operated by non-technical staff.

Ahura Scientific Inc., Wilmington, MA
tel. 978.657.5555

Photostability Chambers
Caron's 6540 Series Photostability Chambers were uniquely designed to perform near UV and visual light testing with fluorescent lamps in accordance with ICH Guidelines Q1B, Option 2. No need to worry about overexposure – your life-saving pharmaceuticals can be tested to exact endpoint requirements.By integrating technical requirements with practical solutions, these photostability chambers enhance the testing process to ensure product quality and regulatory compliance.Let us help you overcome the challenges of photostability testing. Visit the Learn More section of our website to download our photostability white papers or call us and speak with our Application Engineers.

Caron Products & Services, Marietta, OH
tel. 800.648.3042


DXR Raman Microscope
Now everyone can have the "Raman touch" with the all-new Thermo Scientific DXR Raman Microscope. This is the first Raman microscope designed specifically to help non-specialist users achieve rapid sampling and analysis of particles, down to one-micron spatial resolution. New Point-and-Shoot technology makes high performance Raman easy. The flexible, innovative system uses patented technology to automate the steps an expert would go through to optimize a measurement. Three excitation laser frequencies are available, and user-replaceable components mean no service calls are required for laser replacement. With excellent spatial resolution, superior performance, and unmatched reproducibility, the Raman Microscope delivers uncompromising results.

Thermo Fisher Scientific,
Waltham, MA
tel. 781.622.1000

Masterflex Process Tubing Pumps
Cole-Parmer introduces the redesigned line of MASTERFLEX B/T pumps featuring an improved, intuitive loading system for quick and easy tubing changes. Pump performance has been enhanced by the use of PerfectPosition™ tubing, which has retention marks to indicate the exact alignment needed for optimal performance and tubing life. New, cast-aluminum housing features an epoxy-powder coating to prevent chemical corrosion and improve cleanup. Easy-open front cover swings away for CIP or SIP protocols.

Cole-Parmer, Vernon Hills, IL
tel. 800.323.4340

Regis Technologies' New Website
Regis Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce that its new and improved website,, is now live. The site's streamlined navigation makes it fast and easy to find information about the company's GMP custom manufacturing and separations services and products for advancing active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) from initial process development and scale-up development, to final validation and commercial manufacturing. As a leader in chiral separations serving the analytical and preparative needs of chromatographers, the website's chromatography section links applications, products, and literature. The website now adds the convenience online ordering of all Regis chromatography products and fine chemicals. Coinciding with the website introduction is a new e-newsletter that delivers the latest developments from Regis Technologies. Visit our new site to subscribe to the e-newsletter or download the new Regis catalog.

Regis Technologies, Inc.
Morton Grove, IL
tel. 847.967.6000, 800.323.8144