Powder Systems Limited Exhibits Lab Filter Dryer at InformEx 2015

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PSL will demonstrate its filtration and drying units, the GFD Lab Filter Dryer, and the SimpleFilter Dryer.


Powder Systems Limited (PSL) will present its GFD Lab Filter Dryer at InformEx 2015 in New Orleans, Louisiana, at booth 1219. The Glass Filter Dryer (GFD) Lab Filter Dryer, is available in glass borosilicate 3.3, stainless steel 316 L, and alloy C22. The full GFD product line uses the same accessories, allowing flexibility between the different vessels. From the smallest size, the “Mini Lab” GFD with 0.002 m2 filtration basket with a volume of 0.3 L, and the “Lab” GFD size with removable filtration basket of 0.01 m2 for cake volume of approximately 0.5 L, to the “Maxi Lab” GFD used with Kilo-Laboratory for a cake volume of 5 L with 0.05 m2 filtration area, PSL offers a variety of vessels to fit many laboratory needs.


The SimpleFilter Dryer (SFD) is the new Pilot Plant Filter Dryer from PSL designed for filtration, and washing and drying of APIs and intermediates. The polyvalent SFD features a heated insulated jacket to improve drying, a heated plate with filtration media support for increased draining abilities, and a side discharge plug. For explosion-proof requirements in the lab, the GloveBag is an air-sensitive product with nitrogen purge that enhances the SFD’s capabilities.

Source: Powder Systems Limited