Pre-Interphex Showcase: Chemicals

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Pre-Interphex Showcase: Chemicals

Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical brochure
Grain Processing offers its "Ingredients for the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Industries" brochure. The brochure highlights the attributes and benefits of the company's multiple lines of ingredients, which offer a wide range of selective functionality.

Grain Processing, Muscatine, IA
tel. 563.264.4265

Mineral guide
Jost has developed a mineral guide for formulators and researchers. The reference describes the solubility, metal content, and taste associated with mineral salts. These details are key points to consider when formulating a product. The mineral guide is available in the Customer Support section of Jost's website.

Jost Chemical Co., St. Louis, MO
tel. 314.428.4300

"Carbopol" polymers are highly efficient gel-matrix formers for controlling drug release in solid dosage forms. The polymers are available in both powder and granular forms and can therefore be used in all types of tablet-manufacturing processes. Carbopol 71G NF polymer is a free-flowing granular product for use in direct-compression formulations.

Lubrizol, Cleveland, OH
tel. 216.447.5000

Roquette has launched a website for its pharmaceutical division. The site grants access to the company's excipient and active product lines and offers information about services. A formulation tool provides assistance to formulators from the product development cycle through to launch. The special services and support sections describe Roquette's application expertise.

Roquette, Keokuk, IA
tel. 319.524.5757


Pseudoproline dipeptides
Genzyme Pharmaceuticals offers pseudoproline dipeptides for manufacturing peptides according to good manufacturing practices. Pseudoproline dipeptides can be coupled to growing peptide chains using standard procedures and coupling reagents. Genzyme's Fmoc- or Z-protected high-purity pseudoproline dipeptides are available in quantities from 100 g to hundreds of kilograms.

Genzyme Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, MA
tel. 617.252.7500

Pharmaceutical ingredients
Danisco Sweeteners produces pharmaceutical excipients, intermediates, and actives based on proprietary specialty-carbohydrate systems. Danisco’s excipients enable optimum performance and differentiation in many delivery systems, from tablets and rapid-melt products to syrups. Products include "Xylitol" sweetener and "Finlac DC" lactitol.

Danisco USA, Elmsford, NY
tel. 800.255.6837

Asahi Kasei provides solutions for new drug formulations. The company offers high-performance excipients that comply with National Formulary standards, including highly compactible microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) "Ceolus KG-802" and MCC spherical seed core "Celphere." The company supports its products with technical service.

Asahi Kasei, New York, NY
tel. 212.371.9900 ext. 217

Coating technology
Emerson Resources offers "Marcoat" and "Plasacryl" ingredient technologies to help solve formulation problems related to coating flexibility and efficiency. Marcoat is a 25% aqueous-based shellac coating system. The film is deposited out of water and offers reduced moisture–vapor transmission. Release characteristics are consistent throughout the dosage form's shelf life. Plasacryl (formerly "Plas II") is an additive used in acrylic coating systems to eliminate the need for talc.

Emerson Resources, Norristown, PA
tel. 610. 279.7450