Pre-Interphex Showcase: Laboratory Equipment

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Pre-Interphex Showcase: Laboratory Equipment

Weighing terminal
The "IND560" weighing terminal from Mettler Toledo allows users to choose between conventional strain gauge or high-precision, electromagnetic-force restoration weighing technologies. The unit is compatible with direct program logic controllers such as Profibus and DeviceNet, as well as Ethernet communication interfaces and internal and external digital I/O control. An IP65-rated panel and IP69k heavy-washdown mounting are available options.

Atlantic Scale Co., Nutley, NJ
tel. 973.661.7090

Total-organic-carbon analyzer
The "Anatel TOC600" on-line total-organic-carbon analyzer is designed for pharmaceutical water measurement. Its patented stop-flow oxidation technology provides complete oxidation of an aliquot of water and fully complies with USP Chapter ^643& and EP 2.2.44. The Anatel TOC600 unit's wide dynamic range allows for monitoring an array of water-system applications.

Hach Ultra Analytics, Grants Pass, OR
tel. 541.472.6500

Laboratory pumps
Cole-Parmer's "Masterflex C/L" low-flow laboratory pumps deliver a flow range of 0.001–39 mL/min. The pumps' redesigned heads provide secure tubing retention and consistent performance. Tubing retainers are self-adjusting. Heads are constructed of chemical-resistant plastics and stainless steel. The products are backed by free technical applications assistance.

Cole-Parmer, Vernon Hills, IL
tel. 800.323.4340

TOC analyzers and validation-support package
GE Analytical Instruments offers its "Sievers 500 RL On-Line" and "Sievers 900 Series" total organic carbon (TOC) analyzers for cleaning-validation applications. The company also offers its "Sievers Cleaning Validation Support Package" as a guide to using TOC methodology in laboratory and on-line cleaning-validation applications.

GE Analytical Instruments, Boulder, CO
tel. 303.444.4491

Protein-analysis system
Advanced Analytical offers its "Protein PRO" protein-analysis system. The system incorporates a 24-capillary array designed to provide high detection sensitivity and superior run-to-run reproducibility. The Protein PRO system was developed for high-throughput protein analysis from research to production.

Advanced Analytical, Ames, IA
tel. 515.294.1690

Supercritical-fluid chromatography
Regis Technologies offers "RegisSEP" supercritical-fluid chromatography (SFC) services for chiral separations. The services comply with good manufacturing practices. The services help determine the best stationary phase and aid scale up from small-scale to kilogram separations. The company’s "RegisSEP SFC Services Brochure" is available for download on its website.

Regis Technologies, Morton Grove, IL
tel. 800.323.8144

Mallinckrodt's "DILUT-IT" premixed dissolution media concentrates are designed to reduce the preparation time by as much as 75%. The concentrates also help reduce costs and increase flexibility. The product is intended to improve the quality and consistency of the media produced, thus simplifying regulatory compliance for quality-control laboratories.

Mallinckrodt Baker, Phillipsburg, NJ
tel. 908.859.2151

Spectroscopy e-newsletter
Thermo Scientific's application-based spectroscopy e-newsletter includes application notes for techniques, an "Ask the Experts" column that answers readers’ questions, a "Tech Challenge" puzzle designed to test your wits, Thermo Scientific training class schedules, seminar and webinar schedules, and new product-release updates. The e-newsletter is published quarterly.

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Waltham MA
tel. 800.532.4752


Material verification
The "TruScan" device is a handheld Raman system for rapid material verification. The unit inspects raw materials, identifies counterfeit products, and delivers precise results in seconds. The machine performs nondestructive sampling through sealed packaging. Nontechnical staff can deploy the unit quickly and operate it easily. TruScan supports 21 CFR part 11 compliance.

Ahura Scientific, Wilmington, MA
tel. 978.657.5555

Particle-size and -countanalyzer
The "Elzone II 5390" particle analyzer
determines the size, number, concentration, and mass of various organic and inorganic materials. The electrical sensing-zone method accurately sizes samples of various optical properties, densities, colors, and shapes. The unit is suitable for industrial, biological, and geological specimens.

Micromeritics Instrument Corp., Norcross, GA
tel. 770.662.3688

AMETEK's "ProMaxion" process mass spectrometer provides continuous real-time monitoring and control of solvent-drying processes. The instrument controls all aspects of the drying cycle from product entry toremoval. It signals the end of the drying cycle, determines the optimum time for vacuum drying after filtration, and tracks process variables such as air entry into the drying chamber.

AMETEK Process Instruments, Pittsburgh, PA
tel. 412.828.9040

Chromatography columns
Restek presents stationary-phase chemistries on their 1.9-mm "Pinnacle DB" columns. These small-particle columns provide a wide variety of stationary phases, thus improving the selectivity and efficiency of analyses. The company offers C8, cyano, intrinsically base deactivated, C18, aqueous C18, silica, pentafluorophenyl propyl, and biphenyl phases.

Restek, Bellefonte, PA
tel. 814.353.1300

Endotoxin testing system
Charles River Laboratories offers its
"Endosafe-PTS" 15-minute quantitative endotoxin testing system. The system is licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration for end-product release testing. The PTS system is a handheld portable unit that facilitates point-of-use testing. Disposable cartridges are preloaded with the reagents needed to run the assay.

Charles River Laboratories, Wilmington, MA
tel. 978.658.6000

Benchtop processor
Microfluidics's portable "M-110P Microfluidizer" processor is a benchtop laboratory machine that requires no compressed air or cooling water. The device uses fixed-geometry diamond interaction chamber technology and a ceramic plunger to produce nanosuspensions, nano-emulsions, and liposomal encapsulation. The processor achieves flow rates of 110–155 mL/min at any process pressure.

Microfluidics, Newton, MA
tel. 800.370.5452

Dissolution-media fillingstation
Distek's "Autofill"
dissolution-media filling station is designed for the "ezfill 4500" dissolution-media preparation station. The autofill station features eight positions, whichallows for the unattended heating, degassing, and dispensing of as many as eight 1-L dissolution vessels.

Distek, North Brunswick, NJ
tel. 732.422.7585

Ion-analysis webinar
ESA offers a webinar about the simultaneous analysis of anions and cations by HPLC–CAD. The session shows that researchers performed ion analysis quicker, more efficiently, more cost-effectively, and with better results than is possible with current ion-chromatography methods. Researchers can register for the webinar at the company's website.

ESA Biosciences, Chelmsford, MA
tel. 978.250.7000

Extended offer
FOSS has extended the trade-in program for FOSS NIR laboratory analyzers. The company offers trade-in allowances toward the purchase of new "XDS" near-infrared analyzers. The XDS unit ensures superior analytical performance, great sensitivity, and precise instrument matching to enhance method development, minimize implementation time, and ensure seamless method transferability.

FOSS, Laurel, MD
tel. 301.680.9600