Promega to Showcase Applications of Bioluminescent Research Tools at Global Seminar Series

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In the Lab eNewsletter, Pharmaceutical Technology's In the Lab eNewsletter, September 2021, Volume 16, Issue 09

Promega will demonstrate applications of bioluminescence tools at Discover Glo 2021.

Promega Corporation announced that it will showcase various applications of bioluminescence research tools at their Discover Glo 2021 conference, a virtual event which will be held Sept. 13–16, 2021.

The aim of the conference is to advance understanding in key therapeutic areas, such as targeted protein degradation and kinase biology. Each day will feature discussions focusing on a topic surrounding luciferase technologies.

These daily topics include:

  • Bioluminescence: Past, Present, Future (Sept. 13)
  • Applications of CRISPR Knock-in Tagging for Studying Endogenous Protein Dynamics (Sept. 14)
  • Understanding Kinase Target Engagement in Live Cells (Sept. 15)
  • Advances in Targeted Protein Degradation (Sept. 16)

Prominent speakers from various related fields will be in attendance. For a full list of these individuals, the company press release can be found here.

Source: Promega