P/VAC 10-80 RC

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DIOSNA Laboratory/Pilot Mixer Granulator P/VAC 10-80 RC


The mixer is one of the two key machines in the new DIOSNA granulation line “CCS RC”.
“RC” stands for Rapid Change.
This system combines the „through the wall technique“, which is usual for the production lines, with the exchange bowl technique, which prevailed in the laboratories and pilot plants.
The handling during exchange of the process units is considerably simplified and the time requirement is reduced to a minimum.
A mixer/granulator in RC design consists of two main units:
The Basic Unit
It is installed in the wall to a technical zone and includes the control, the drives and the WIP equipment. The basic unit can be upgraded, among others with a vacuum system for drying of the granules.
Moveable Process Unit(s)
A moveable process unit consists of a mixing bowl with the bearings and seals for the tools. An angular gear is installed for the impeller. Presently available are the basic- and process units for mixing/granulation with 10, 25, 60 and 80 l bowls as well as for 20 and 50 l vacuum drying.

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