Pylote and Amcor Introduce Package for Liquid Pharmaceuticals Without Preservatives

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A stick-pack laminate packaging film from Amcor uses Pylote’s antimicrobial packaging technology to eliminate the need for preservatives in the liquid pharmaceutical contents.

At CPhI Worldwide 2018, Pylote and packaging supplier Amcor announced a partnership to provide innovative packaging solutions for liquid pharmaceuticals that eliminate the need for preservatives in the drug product, the companies said in an Oct. 8, 2018 press release. The companies are launching a stick-pack laminate for liquid pharmaceuticals, following successful technical and regulatory compliance evaluations.  

The new laminate material combines a high barrier with unique antimicrobial preservation properties and can be processed on standard stick-pack filler. The Pylote technology uses non-migrating mineral microspheres that transfer microbial properties to the materials into which they are integrated, allowing the removal of the use of preservatives in liquid products, with full compliance to worldwide regulations (including US FDA, the European Pharmacopeia, and others). According to Pylote, the technology addresses the risk of contamination and ensures that patients receive clean and pure doses. No modifications are required to packaging design or existing manufacturing or filling processes. 

“Our new combined, competitive, and innovative offer is the ideal ‘eco-friendly’ industrial and cost-effective answer to the regulatory authorities’ requirements, which are looking to remove the use of preservatives in various final products like liquid stick packs,” said Loïc Marchin, CEO of Pylote, in the press release.