QC Organisms for performance qualification of culture media

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Quanti-Cult Plus™ quality control micro-organisms are ideal for use in pharmaceutical applications such as growth promotion testing and method validation.

Quanti-Cult Plus™ provides quality control organisms in an easy-to-use format, saving time and money. Quanti-Cult Plus™ consists of preserved American Type Culture Collection (ATCC®) strains and predispensed rehydration fluid, ready to use in QC procedures. It comes complete with full instructions for use and certificate of analysis, so no need to down load or print any documents before starting work. Simply open the box and go.

Quanti-Cult Plus is stored in the fridge, so is always close by, and even when reconstituted is stable for up to 8 hours at 2-8 °C. A full validation report is available on request.


Unlike some other systems, Quanti-Cult Plus complies with the pharmacopoeia recommendation for viable micro-organisms used in inoculation to not exceed five passages from the original master seed-lot, so avoiding the potential for phenotypical inconsistencies.

Quanti-Cult Plus ensures conformance to pharmacopoeia requirements (EP/USP/JP); each set reproducibly delivering