A Rapid Microbial Screening System is Designed for Small and Medium-Sized Facilities

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Celsis Accel is a compact rapid microbial screening system that reduces the time needed for quality-control assessment of microbial contamination.

The Celsis Accel system uses Celsis’ proprietary reagent technology to reduce the time necessary for quality-control assessment of microbial contamination. This shortens production cycle times by lowering quarantined inventory levels awaiting quality control release and reduces working capital requirements. Faster quality control results also provide an earlier indication of contamination, thus allowing a faster and more effective investigation and corrective action.

The Celsis Accel is based on the widely adopted Celsis Advance platform packaged into a compact system designed for small and medium-size manufacturing facilities. It has a small footprint (13 x 14.5 x 20.5 in or 33 x 37 x 52 cm) and runs up to 30 tests per hour. The user interface uses a familiar design for intuitive ease-of-use. Reagent levels are easily monitored with a color-coded graphic display that remains on-screen all the time along with a workload timer. The 30-position carousel is integrated into a light-sealed chamber accessible through a motor-actuated door, allowing easy access. Offering fast and precise movement, the sample carousel uses the familiar tube-based platform for maximum flexibility with sample size and sensitivity. The Accel system ships standard with three injectors but with the option of a fourth injector that gives the system additional flexibility to incorporate new reagent technology.


Source: Celsis