Revitalize your pesticide quantitation workflows

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Analytical scientists in the world of food safety are constantly challenged to increase productivity and efficiency in workflows related to targeted pesticide quantitation. The Thermo Scientific Pesticide Explorer Collection is a comprehensive set of LC-MS solutions with tested methods, designed for laboratories performing routine quantitation, targeted and non-targeted screening of pesticide residues in food matrices.


The Pesticide Explorer Collection is available in four pre-configured, pre-tested solutions. Each configuration includes all needed workflow components-consumables, hardware, software and built-in instrument and data processing methods-pre-configured and tested.

For laboratories performing targeted quantitation, the Standard Quantitation configuration includes the Thermo Scientific TSQ Endura triple quadrupole MS and ensures compliance against regulated levels of detection.

For quantitative applications demanding maximum sensitivity, the Premier Quantitation configuration features the Thermo Scientific TSQ Quantiva triple quadrupole MS to meet or exceed regulatory limits.

For laboratories offering specialized analytical services, there is a choice of two Thermo Scientific HRAM Orbitrap configurations for screening and quantitation employing the Thermo Scientific Q Exactive Focus MS. HRAM capability significantly enhances quantitative accuracy even when analyzing complex sample matrices with limited prior clean-up as well as the ability to quantify and confirm in one analysis.

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