Revive Therapeutics Announces Initiation of New Bucillamine Formulation Development

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The formulation will be used to mitigate emerging infectious diseases and public health emergencies.

On Aug. 22, 2023, Revive Therapeutics, a specialty life sciences company focused on creating treatment for medical needs and rare disorders, announced it has initiated the development of a new formulation of Bucillamine. This formulation will be used to mitigate public health emergencies, including pandemic influenza, emerging infectious diseases, and medical emergencies such as incidents and attacks. The company also plans to experiment with the new formulation as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory treatment for orphan indications in rare inflammatory diseases.

Revive began a sponsored research agreement with the University of Waterloo, which will be conducted at the Wettig Research Group and led by Dr. Shawn Wettig, PhD. Dr. Wettig is Principle Investigator, Professor, and Assistant Vice President for Graduate Studies at the University of Waterloo. His research includes physical chemistry, biochemistry, solution thermodynamics, and cell biology applied to self-assembling systems. The sponsored research will focus on developing a “novel lyophilized Bucillamine injectable formulation for public health medical emergencies and rare inflammatory disorders.”


Once the formulation development is finished, Revive plans to continue research on Bucillamine through several initiatives: developing as an injectable to treat rare disorders, working with pharmaceutical partners on regulatory approvals and new studies, and pursuing possible government funding and evaluation opportunities in the United States and Canada. The current formulation has a projected completion date of end-2023.

Source: Revive Therapeutics