Roambee Expands Cold Chain Visibility Offering Through Modum Acquisition

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Roambee has acquired Modum, a Swiss pharma last mile-focused cold chain monitoring player, expanding its cold chain visibility capabilities.

Roambee, a California-based supply chain visibility provider, has acquired Modum, a Swiss pharma last mile-focused cold chain monitoring player, it was announced in a June 8, 2021 press release.

Through this acquisition, Roambee will be able to expand its cold chain visibility, covering primary, secondary, and the last mile delivery use cases. The acquisition will see key executives from Modum take up leadership roles at Roambee, which will provide the company with pharma domain knowledge and last mile expertise for its product strategy.

“Joining forces with Roambee was natural for Modum due to our shared mission to ensure the timely availability of effective, original products in the medical supply chain,” said Modum's CEO Simon Dössegger, in the press release. “Modum will enhance Roambee's cold chain footprint with a proven last mile visibility technology to extend the Roambee product proposition to a unique global end-to-end visibility solution. When combined with Roambee's strong multimodal shipment monitoring capabilities, we can offer granular visibility all the way from manufacturing to a patient's home at scale.”


“While most visibility service providers claim to deliver real-time visibility, they rely on carrier data. Insights will never be as granular, real-time, and accurate as sensor driven insights, which is key to logistics automation,” added Sanjay Sharma, CEO of Roambee, in the press release. “With Modum, Roambee will enable customers to automate their logistics through radically simple access to sensor-driven signals, delivered by our immersive, location-aware platform—not only for pharma, but also for fresh produce and food/beverages.”

Source: Roambee