Roche and Genentech Successfully Integrate Flywheel Platform

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Flywheel's platform will aid Roche and Genentech in the aggregation and management of medical imaging data.

Flywheel reported, in a Nov. 22, 2021 press release, that Roche and Genentech have successfully integrated its platform for ingestion, classification, standardization, curation, and analysis of medical imaging data.

The cloud-scale informatics platform is secure and allows the aggregation and management of medical imaging and associated data to advance drug discovery. Data are organized and processed via automated pipelines, which is time efficient and reduces the potential for human error in drug development.

“Manual processes to curate data at the terabyte and petabyte levels are historically costly, time-consuming and prone to human error. With our platform in place, Roche and Genentech researchers can access high-quality images for complex analysis and machine learning, ultimately speeding the development of innovative therapies,” said Jim Olson, CEO of Flywheel, in the press release. “Before using the platform, this level of collaboration and analysis was simply not possible.”


“At Roche we envision a future where data, analytics and digital technologies routinely enable more targeted, efficient research and development and more integrated, personalized care,” added James Sabry, head of Roche Pharma Partnering, in the press release. “The Flywheel platform enables rapid access to highly-curated imaging data, enhancing our ability to answer key scientific questions that are critical to advancing better patient care experiences and outcomes.”

Source: Flywheel