Sartorius Opens New Manufacturing Facility for Lab Instruments

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The new building is protected by special construction against vibration to ensure accurate calibration of laboratory balances.

Bio/pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment supplier, Sartorius, announced on Sept. 13, 2017 the official opening of its new facility for the manufacture of laboratory instruments. The facility is part of the Sartorius Campus in the industrial zone of Grone in Goettingen. Approximately EUR 42 million has been invested into the 25,000-square-meter building, representing the largest single investment of the Sartorius Campus. The State of Lower Saxony and the German federal government together contributed EUR 4.2 million.

The opening ceremony was attended by 250 guests, including Lower Saxony's Governor, Stephan Weil, and the Mayor of the City of Goettingen, Rolf-Georg Köhler. Approximately 450 employees build laboratory instruments, such as balances, ultrapure water systems, and moisture analyzers, at this facility.  

Sartorius is investing approximately EUR 500 million in its Campus. Construction is scheduled to complete at the end of 2018. According to Sartorius, the new headquarters will combine two Goettingen sites and, apart from providing more capacity for manufacture and administration, offers an attractive work environment.

The Campus grounds cover approximately 170,000 square meters and can be used for further facility expansion. The new building combines different manufacturing sites, formerly spread out at various locations, all under one roof: parts manufacture, prototype construction, calibration center, an extended vocational training workshop, and an administration complex. As highly accurate balances are also calibrated inside, the building is protected from temperature fluctuations and protected by a foundation isolated from vibration by decoupling.


The building won the 2017 Engineering Award of the German Structural Steel Industry, "Ingenieurpreis des Deutschen Stahlbaues" in the category of high-rise building construction. The jury of the prize sponsor, bauforumstahl e.V., lauded this construction as a symbol of the dynamics and solid quality workmanship of the laboratory balances manufactured at the facility. Sartorius is aiming to have its new building certified by the German Society for Sustainable Building, DGNB. 

Source: Sartorius