Sartorius Releases Mechanical Pipettes

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Sartorius announced the release of the company’s new Tacta pipettes.

On Feb. 15, 2016, Sartorius, an international pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment provider, released new mechanical pipettes, according to a press release from the company.  

The Tacta pipettes are available in a range of volumes from 0.1 to 10,000 µl in single channel models and from 0.5 to 300 µl in multichannel models. According to a press announcement from the company, the pipette’s design enables low pipetting and tip ejection forces that reduce the risk of work related upper limb disorder (WRULD), a disorder that affects the arms from fingers to shoulder and is exacerbated by conditions such as repetitive work and uncomfortable working posture.

The handle and finger hook design allow the pipette to rest in the user’s hand, without gripping tightly. The Sartorius Optiject levered tip ejection technology enables controlled and smooth tip ejection with minimum force. The Optiload feature, with spring-loaded tip cones in both single and multi-channel models, ensures tip loading with sealing and minimal force.


Tacta has a large, 4-digit display and works for a variety of liquids. An integrated adjustment functionality and scale show the degree of adjustment. The pipettes can also be autoclaved without disassembly and are resistant to exposure to UV and chemicals. 

Source: Sartorius