Sartorius Stedim Biotech to Equip Abzena Single-Use Manufacturing Sites

January 11, 2018
Pharmaceutical Technology Editors

Sartorius Stedim Biotech will equip Abzena’s contract development and manufacturing facilities in Bristol, PA, and San Diego, CA, with single-use equipment and scale-up technologies.

Sartorius Stedim Biotech announced on Jan. 4, 2018 that it will the equipment supplier in the US for Abzena, a life sciences group that provides services and technologies for the development and manufacture of biopharmaceuticals.

Abzena has selected Sartorius Stedim to equip its integrated contract development and manufacturing facilities in Bristol, PA, and and San Diego, CA. The Bristol facility does development and GMP manufacture of antibody drug conjugates, and the San Diego facility does development and GMP manufacture of monoclonal antibodies and other recombinant proteins.

Under the agreement, Sartorius Stedim will provide both facilities with end-to-end process solutions in single-use format. The company will equip Abzena’s San Diego process development lab with industry technologies, including Ambr250, which enables fast scale-up to 500 L initially and later to the 2000-L scale single-use bioreactor for Abzena’s center of excellence in clinical manufacturing.

“In addition to having selected Sartorius’ industry leading single-use technologies for antibody and ADC production, the Abzena facilities will feature Umetrics process analytics software throughout the process, ensuring that all the data captured throughout our clients’ molecule development is transformed into process knowledge. [This ensures] that we can rapidly develop a robust and reliable process that can be easily scaled up to ensure a smooth technology transfer,” said John Burt, Abzena’s CEO, in a company press release.

Source: Sartorius Stedim Biotech