Schubert-Pharma Exhibits Flow-Wrapping Equipment at Achema 2018

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The updated version of Schubert-Pharma’s Flowmodul unit for packing units into flowpacks features cleanability.

At the ACHEMA 2018 trade fair, Schubert-Pharma will be presenting a cross-section of its packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, including the latest generation of the Flowmodul flow-wrapping unit. At the exhibition, a TLM packaging machine with integrated Flowmodul will be packing blow-fill-seal ampoules into flowpacks. A film with high barrier properties that protects pharmaceutical products from environmental factors will be used. 

The Flowmodul is a compact, high-performance machine with a high degree of flexibility. The unit has a fully automatic carrier change with replaceable cassettes for other formats. The entire forming shoulder is changed when the format changes. This guarantees safety when changing films and reliable reproducibility of the flowpack geometry. Various sealing processes, such as thermal and ultrasonic sealing, can be used with the unit. The latest version of the machine is even more easily accessible for maintenance and cleaning because of an open machine layout that complies with the high hygiene requirements for the pharmaceutical industry. The machine also features easy-to-clean conveyor belts.

The company will also provide information about the possibilities that TLM technology and the integration of external units can add to processes and functions. All labelling, quality control, and serialization tasks can be carried out by the packaging machine depending on the application. An image recognition system carries out the optical control functions and quality control tasks, which include mix-up checks, verifying the presence and completeness of products, and shape control. Integrated external systems such as labellers to apply tamper-evident seals or camera systems to verify serial data can easily be integrated into Schubert’s own track-and-trace system.


Source: Schubert-Pharma, Hall 3.1, Stand G47.