Scottish Biotech Forms R&D Partnership with Veterinary Medicine Group

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ILC Therapeutics has entered into a strategic partnership with Dechra Pharmaceuticals to develop an atopic dermatitis treatment for dogs.

ILC Therapeutics, a UK-based biotech that is focused on the discovery and development of hybrid interferon drugs, has signed a R&D partnership agreement with Dechra Pharmaceuticals, which specializes in veterinary pharmaceuticals and related products.According to a May 23, 2023 press release, the aim of the partnership will be the development of ILC’s Caniferon product as a treatment for atopic dermatitis in dogs.

“While ILC’s main focus to date has been around human health, the partnership with Dechra is a validation of our technology and the potential to develop products in the animal health market,” said Alan Walker, CEO of ILC Therapeutics, in the press release. “The industry as a whole has experienced a pandemic-driven increase in pet ownership and pet care, and we see considerable growth prospects for the product.”


“We are pleased to enter into this research agreement in a therapeutic sector of the market which is a key area of focus for Dechra,” added Ian Page, Dechra’s CEO, in the press release. “Although at a relatively early stage of research, we see real possibilities for the technology to lead to a full development program to add to our exciting pipeline.”

Source: ILC Therapeutics