SensoTech and SchuF Introduce a Combination Valve and Sensor for Real-Time Process Analysis

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Equipment and Processing Report

Equipment and Processing Report, Equipment and Processing Report-12-18-2013, Volume 0, Issue 0

A bottom-outlet valve with combined sensor is a new process analytical technology tool.

A challenge for process analytical technology is finding suitable entry points in reactors to analyze reactions in real time. SensoTech and valve manufacturer SchuF developed MultiProbe, a bottom outlet valve combined with SensoTech’s LiquiSonic sensor, to enable process analysis even in low-volume batches without additional process adapters.  LiquiSonic systems consist of one or more sensors and a controller that records measurements and transfers them to the process control system. The system provides precise data about concentration and density in liquids, detects phase transitions, and monitors reactions.

Source: SensoTech