Shimadzu Opens Branch Office in Denmark

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Shimadzu, has opened a new branch office in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Analytical instrumentation specialist, Shimadzu, has revealed that its new branch office, located in Copenhagen, Denmark, is up and running, providing local support to Danish industries.

According to an Oct 14, 2020 press release, the branch office, which began operating in September 2020, is located in Ballerup in Greater Copenhagen. At 355 sqm in size, the Danish office houses eight Shimadzu employees who cover sales, services, and administration duties for the local region.

“We have chosen this location for our branch office as it connects in two directions,” said Morten Thorslund, sales and service manager of the Shimadzu Denmark Branch Office, in the press release. “[The] Greater Copenhagen region, as the country’s economic and scientific heartland, [is] well-known for its chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as the metal-processing sectors.”


The Danish office includes administration space, in addition to a demonstration lab—where customers can see the Shimadzu systems in operation and test them prior to purchase—and seminar rooms—where experts will present on the latest applications and solutions.

Source: Shimadzu